Here’s the shortfilm that I made. It’s about ghosts and costumes and love and stuff. It’s in the final three of a competition. Please go to the link below and like the status. Thanks :)

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Yo Dudes, I made a short film that got into the final 3 of a competition. To win and receive funding for the feature length film, we must receive likes on the post in this link. If you can like it, I am in your debt. Thanks, dudes.

Just a selection of my most recent posters.

As I’m concentrating more on video-based projects, I’m finding that I have less and less time to spend on doing stuff like this. So whilst I hope to continuing doing these posters, they might be quite few and far between. 

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6 Feet Under

Our new 3 minute short film. Read more details about it here -



This is one of two extremely short, short films we made for a fun little competition. The rules are that the film could only have four shots in it, each lasting four seconds. Add two seconds for both the title and credits and you’ve got a 20 second clip.

It’s a twitter vote style competition, so we won’t win. I don’t really agree with things where creativity isn’t as important as how many friends you have on social networks and how many times you can annoy everyone by posting about something they’ve seen a million times before. 

Fun competition though and very happy to be involved.


Did a great photo shoot this Christmas for a lovely couple who wanted to send pictures to their family overseas. Here’s one of my favourite shots.


Did a great photo shoot this Christmas for a lovely couple who wanted to send pictures to their family overseas. Here’s one of my favourite shots.


2 color screenprint
18 x 24 inches
numbered edition of 36

Made for the Bottleneck Gallery Premium Cable art show in New York.

Available here.

Don’t really ever do proper write-ups on prints but I wanted to for this. Carnivale is probably in my top TV 3 shows of all time. Definitely top 5. It’s cancellation was total injustice. RIP. 

When Joe at the Bottleneck Gallery contacted me about taking part in this premium cable-inspired art show, my immediate thought was to do a Carnivale print - it’s never quite received the love that it deserves.

Due to various reasons (moving to London, starting a new job), I only finished this poster about 4 days before the opening of the show. Thankfully, Joe at the gallery is a total wizard-hero. He managed to find somewhere to print them and pushed it all through. Apparently my prints only arrived at the gallery an hour before the show started. I didn’t even know whether they had been printed until my girlfriend sent me these pictures (she lives in New York and went to the show).

I tried to make the poster as accurate as possible, as if it were an actual show poster from back in 1934. I wont explain it all as that would be way boring, and would probably spoil the show for anyone that hasn’t seen it… but if any mega Carnivale geeks ever want to question me about some of the details of the poster, then feel free to get in touch.

I can’t thank Joe and everyone else at the gallery enough for helping me out with this. They’ve done a great job with setting up the gallery and this was an incredible debut show. AWESOME.